Cómo la Propuesta 207 Impacta a los Empleadores

The recent election in Arizona passed Proposition 207, legalizing marijuana across the state. So, what does this mean for employers and employees across the state of Arizona? The proposition allows the possession and sales of marijuana, but just like before, workers are not allowed to use the substance while at work. And even though it […]

El Departamento de Trabajo Investiga Pruebas de Drogas Para Pago de Desempleo.

It still isn’t quite official, but some states are looking to be granted more rights when it comes to drug testing for unemployment benefits and pay. New Law Under current law, drug testing for unemployment compensation is conducted under two circumstances. If someone loses employment due to illegal drugs or worked in an occupation where […]

¿Cuáles son mis derechos de FMLA en Arizona?

Employees in the state of Arizona are eligible for unpaid leave for health and caregiving reasons under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This act allows employees who qualify to take up to 12 work weeks in 12 months leave. This can be renewed every 12 months if qualifications are continued to be met. FMLA […]

Graduado de ASU Demanda a la FAA por Supuesta Discriminación

An air-traffic management graduate from ASU is suing the FAA for alleged discrimination that he says prevented him from being hired. The graduate, Brigida, says the FAA’s new mission to add diversity to the staff prevented him from getting the job that he would have been given in other instances. According to the FAA-partnered Collegiate […]

Club de Motocicletas Protege a Víctimas de Abuso Infantil

They look intimidating and tough with their tattoos, leather clothes, and motorcycles. And that is the point exactly. The motorcycle club Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) has made it their mission to protect children who have been abused. The group works with law enforcement and state agencies to protect abused children. BACA’s goal is to […]