Beneficios De Revisar Las Políticas Salariales y de Horas de los Empleados

The pandemic has brought on many changes in the workplace. So, it is a good time to revisit wage and hour policies during these uncertain times. Running a business can be tough, especially during these tough times. However, a business owner needs to always be in the know and keep up with new policies. They […]

¿Cuáles son mis derechos de FMLA en Arizona?

Employees in the state of Arizona are eligible for unpaid leave for health and caregiving reasons under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This act allows employees who qualify to take up to 12 work weeks in 12 months leave. This can be renewed every 12 months if qualifications are continued to be met. FMLA […]

¿Pueden Obligarme mis Empleadores a Trabajar Horas Extras Sin Pago?

Oftentimes, the corporate world can seem pretty brutal. If you’re working 40 hours a week and your boss doesn’t think it’s enough, it may seem even more taxing. We’re here to clue you in on the good news in this situation: your boss is required to pay you for every hour you work beyond 40 […]

¿He Sido Víctima de Discriminación por Parte del Empleador?

Employer discrimination is characterized as prejudice of an existing or potential employee based on certain characteristics, most commonly including: Race Sex Pregnancy Religion Political views Nationality Disability Age Financial status Although the principle of these laws might seem fairly straight forward, it’s often difficult to tell whether you have been a victim of employer discrimination […]

Leyes de Despido Injusto en Arizona

In Arizona, there are safeguards in place to prevent employees from being wrongfully fired. These laws are commonly referred to as wrongful termination laws. If you believe your employer has violated any of these laws when terminating your employment, you may have a strong case. There are three main categories under the Arizona wrongful termination […]

Graduado de ASU Demanda a la FAA por Supuesta Discriminación

An air-traffic management graduate from ASU is suing the FAA for alleged discrimination that he says prevented him from being hired. The graduate, Brigida, says the FAA’s new mission to add diversity to the staff prevented him from getting the job that he would have been given in other instances. According to the FAA-partnered Collegiate […]

Menos Arizonenses eligen el Autoempleo

Working for yourself: to many people, that is the ultimate dream. Choosing your own hours, calling all the shots, and running things the way you want them to do done. However, the freedom of being your own boss is not easy; many small businesses don’t turn a profit right away. There are many challenges to […]

Oye, ¿Puedo Copiar tu Manual del Empleado?

Employee handbooks are an important resource for employers and employees. These books typically contain valuable information regarding what is expected of both employers and employees, as well as rules and policies pertaining to acceptable behavior in the workplace. The handbook rules are designed to protect employers and employees and to promote professionalism. However, as many […]