ASU Graduate Sues FAA For Alleged Discrimination

An air-traffic management graduate from ASU is suing the FAA for alleged discrimination that he says prevented him from being hired.

The graduate, Brigida, says the FAA’s new mission to add diversity to the staff prevented him from getting the job that he would have been given in other instances.

According to the FAA-partnered Collegiate Initiative, as an ASU air-traffic management graduate with soaring AT-SAT scores, came highly recommended and was basically guaranteed a job with the FAA. However, during the typical process of taking the AT-SAT scores, submitting them, and applying for the job, he was told he needed to start the process over again, throwing out his previous AT-SAT scores.

The new AT-SAT tests included biographical questions about the test-takers. This is the beginning of where Brigida says the discrimination started. He also said the FAA was making it known through several different documents they were trying to gain more diversity within their staff. Because he is in the race majority, not minority, Brigida, says he was denied the job as he didn’t add to the diversity.

In these types of cases, there needs to be hard proof of the discrimination. One cannot prosecute a case based on what they believe happened. As experienced discrimination attorneys, we know what kind of proof you need in the court. If you feel you have been discriminated against in the workplace, give us a call for a consultation.

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