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Thunderbird Law Group team stands up for your right to go to work without being discriminated against or harassed. Not liking your boss or coworkers is one thing, but if your work environment becomes hostile and unbearable, and there is no sign of relief, you may have a legal claim against your employer.

We advocate for workers like you, keeping bad employers in check. Your employer must help ensure the workplace is free from illegal harassment and discrimination. If your employer fails to do this, they may be liable, even if they are not directly causing or contributing to the environment.  

If you are being harassed in the workplace, know that you have legal rights. Our harassment lawyers will help you navigate the claims process and gather the evidence you need to prove your case.

Does Arizona Have Laws Against Harassment?

State and federal laws protect you against workplace harassment and discrimination. Arizona’s Civil Rights laws protect you at the state level. Concurrently, at the federal level, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects you against harassment and discrimination. Additionally, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 protect workers against age-based discrimination and discrimination based on an actual or perceived disability, respectively.

What Do I Need to Prove to Have a Harassment Claim?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles harassment and discrimination claims. The EEOC defines harassment as unwelcome conduct based on someone’s membership to a protected class. For example, unwelcome conduct (including speech) that is offensive and targets you because of your race, religion, or gender.

To have a harassment claim, you must prove that the work environment is hostile and offensive. In most cases, you do not have a claim if there is an isolated incident where an employee or your employer made an offhand comment. However, if the sole incident involves violence or credible threats, this can create a hostile environment.

In most cases, you must file a harassment claim with the EEOC within 180 days from the date that the harassment occurs. Our legal team can review the evidence and advise you when that deadline will occur. We will also help you file a legal claim with the EEOC, the first step to holding at-fault parties accountable for creating a hostile work environment.

Thunderbird Law Group: We Stand Up for the Rights of Harassment Victims

A lawyer can be an indispensable asset for those subject to harassment. This area of the law can be complex and nuanced, requiring a trained eye to find the evidence you need to win your claim and prove you were the victim of harassment.

Thunderbird Law Group is the trained eye you need when you face harassment in the workplace. We will tenaciously investigate your claim and develop a strategy aimed at maximizing your recovery and holding your employer liable.

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