What Falls Under Wrongful Termination

Most employment is “at-will,” meaning the employer can fire their employee at any time. But there are some exceptions that can make a firing illegal, as well as other exceptions to at-will rule, that could potentially help you keep your job or even sue for wrongful termination. So what can be considered as wrongful termination? […]

Ex-Employee Files Racial Discrimination Suit against Red Robin

A former Red Robin employee is suing the burger chain because she claims she was fired for complaining about racist hiring practices at the Coeur d’Alene location in Idaho. Stacie Ward had been with Red Robin for over 11 years, working at many different locations. When she transferred to the Coeur d’Alene location, which had […]

Without the Whistle Blown: The Dangers of Complacency

Shortly after a deadly incident along local Interstate 17 in North Phoenix, a whistleblower has come forward and alleged an accident was ‘bound to happen’. The rollover accident that occurred earlier in August involved a tanker truck, shutting down parts of the highway for several hours as crews raced to remove hot asphalt oil from […]