Employee or Contractor? Amazon Drivers Sue, Claiming They Were Denied Wages and Benefits

Amazon Prime Now is a service that promises delivery within one hour of ordering. The service is available in Phoenix and surrounding areas such as Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Tempe, as well as several other markets across the US. Amazon eventually hopes to deliver the packages using drones, but for now, drivers are responsible for customers’ timely deliveries. Now, several drivers have filed a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming that the company illegally classified them as independent contractors, denying the drivers wages they were originally promised and refusing to provide benefits such as overtime pay, legally mandated meal breaks, and workers compensation insurance.

The 4 drivers involved in the lawsuit claim that Amazon originally paid them $11 per hour, plus $2.50 per delivery. In September, the drivers signed new contracts that cut the $2.50 fee, leaving their wages at $11 per hour.  Amazon drivers are responsible for purchasing their own fuel, maintaining their vehicles, and paying insurance costs. The plaintiffs claim that Amazon is providing its customers with express delivery service at the expense of the delivery drivers.

For employees facing legal issues in the workplace, the process can be frustrating and confusing. Employment law issues are often a long and challenging process, which is why it is important to have a knowledgeable labor law attorney at your side. An experienced lawyer will listen to your concerns and defend your rights as an employee.

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