How to Know If You Are Eligible for Unemployment Benefits

There are times when the unexpected happens and you find yourself unemployed with no hope in sight. However, you could be eligible for unemployment benefits to help you pay your bills and get you back on your feet during this tough time.

Unemployment Benefits in Arizona

Did you know that Arizona is known for having the second lowest unemployment benefits in the country? On top of that, in recent years, it has become even more strict. Unemployment benefits in Arizona include the ability to collect up to half of what you earned over a 26 week period. However, there are certain limits to the amount you can receive. In Arizona, you are only allowed up to $240 per week in unemployment benefits, however, the least amount you can receive is $122 per week. Your recent work history will always be looked at and taken into consideration when determining the amount you will receive each week.


In the state of Arizona, if you have been laid off or fired, you may be eligible to receive up to four weeks of unemployment benefits. To be eligible, you must have earned minimum wage prior to becoming unemployed. During the four week period, you must be actively seeking employment and be available for opportunities. You must also take any suitable job, as long as it earns more than twenty percent of the amount that you are currently making (this comes out to as low as $15,000 per year).

Reasons for Eligibility

Reasons for eligibility include being laid off due to the company downsizing for economic reasons or being fired for having the lack of skills needed. Keep in mind, if you have been fired over misconduct or negligence, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. Additionally, if you quit your job on your own terms, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, you could be eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit due to dangerous conditions if there is a good reason.

Thunderbird Law Group

At Thunderbird Law Group, we specialize in employment law and fully understand unemployment benefits in Arizona. If you have recently become unemployed, we can provide the advice you need to fully understand your rights and find out if you are eligible for benefits. Also, if you have found yourself denied for unemployment benefits, but believe this is a mistake, Thunderbird Law Group will be there to evaluate the case and aggressively fight for you.


Legal issues can be very timely matters that require immediate attention – the faster you begin pursuing resolutions, the better your chances of obtaining them. Contact us for further information.

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