New Arizona Law Helps Those With a Criminal Record Find a Job

Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona signed a new bill into law, offering help to those with criminal records to get a chance at finding a job.

House Bill 2067 allows convicted criminals the chance to set aside the conviction and obtain a Certificate of Second Chance. This certificate will allow for a second chance at employment, obtaining occupational licenses, and even for housing approval.

What Is A Certificate of Second Chance

Even though a person is unable to erase their criminal record, convicted criminals who have fulfilled their sentence or parole can have the court set aside the conviction to receive a certificate.

This certificate will give those with a felony or misdemeanor a greater chance at employment.

Convicted criminals will get a chance to apply for a Certificate of Second Chance starting on August 27, 2021.

Limitations Are In Place

There are some limitations when it comes to who can apply for a Certificate of Second Chance.

Those who CAN apply for the certificate are those with misdemeanors or with Class 4, Class 5, or Class 6 felonies. Two years must have passed since completing their sentence, including parole and probation.

There are some excluded crimes. Those who have committed the following are unable to apply for a Certificate of Second Chance:

·  Driving under a suspended license

·  Criminal speeding

·  Aggressive driving

·  Crime involving a deadly weapon

·  Any sexual offenses, including those with victims under the age of 15

Obtaining A Certificate of Second Chance

For those who obtain a Certificate of Second Chance, still need to admit to any convictions when asked by an employer. All employers will be able to find that a person was issued a certificate through criminal background checks.

To successfully receive a Certificate of Second Chance, some factors are considered such as:

·  Nature of the offense

·  Compliance of the applicant

·  The age of the applicant at the time of conviction

If you are interested in learning more about a Certificate of Second Chance, speak with our team to learn how we can assist you with the process.


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