What The New Paid Sick Leave Laws Mean For You

Employers are now required to give employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave starting July 1st. This new requirement comes after Arizona’s Proposition 206 was passed by voters back in November. This new law could mean big changes for some businesses, employers, and employees.

For Employers

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Employers will be required by law to give employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave every year. This is broken down by business or non-profit size,  giving groups with 15 or more employees  40 hours of paid sick leave, and businesses with 14 or fewer employees 24 hours of paid sick time.

Employers are also required to keep track of all of their employees’ acquired paid sick time and must keep track of how much time is being used. Paychecks should show the amount of paid sick time used, as well as their remaining hours. The new policy should also be in writing for employees to see. Employers who do not allow workers to exercise their rights could face fines of at least $150 per day.

Paid vacation time is not required under the law but it is best if companies separate their paid vacation and sick days to avoid confusion.

For Employees

All Arizona workers now have access to paid sick leave, whether they are employed part-time, temporarily or seasonally. Sick leave is acquired from the date an employee is hired and employees hired after July 1st may have to wait 90 days to use it.

The new law allows employees to use their paid sick leave for a variety of reasons including sickness, injury and any other problems that would require time off. Employers also have little right to ask their workers why they’re taking time off. Employers do however have the right to ask for proof or documentation for an employee’s time off if their employee has been out for three straight days.


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