Labor Department Checks into Drug Testing for Unemployment Pay

It still isn’t quite official, but some states are looking to be granted more rights when it comes to drug testing for unemployment benefits and pay. New Law Under current law, drug testing for unemployment compensation is conducted under two circumstances. If someone loses employment due to illegal drugs or worked in an occupation where […]

The Different Forms of Harassment in the Workplace

Unfortunately, harassment in the workplace is not an uncommon situation. While companies are taking steps to improve the situation, there is still a chance that you have been or could be a victim of some sort of harassment. While there are varying types and levels of harassment, many victims have similar reactions and stories. Any […]

Can I Collect Unemployment Even if I Was Fired?

Unemployment provides a safety net for employees who have lost their job so they can continue to pay their bills. It is not meant to be a long-term solution and is designed to give people enough time to be rehired and find a new position. While unemployment benefits can significantly help people who are actively […]

What The New Paid Sick Leave Laws Mean For You

Employers are now required to give employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave starting July 1st. This new requirement comes after Arizona’s Proposition 206 was passed by voters back in November. This new law could mean big changes for some businesses, employers, and employees. For Employers Employers will be required by law to give […]