HR Considerations for Startup Companies

Here in the Valley, the startup community is growing at a rapid pace. But, as with any new venture, it is important to consider certain things before diving in headfirst. To avoid legal issues in the future, new businesses may wish to work with a legal professional to ensure all their bases are covered.

First of all, having the right policies in place is important. A well-versed professional can assist with creating and writing specific job descriptions and expectations, as well as all company policies, including attendance and vacation policies.

Another important consideration is recordkeeping. Proper recordkeeping is essential in order to stay out of trouble with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, and the National Labor Relations Board. New employees should receive an employee handbook and provide a signature that they understand all policies and procedures. In addition to a job application, new employees must complete state and federal tax forms and insurance paperwork. And if there are any problems with an employee’s performance, it is important to document the issues correctly.

Hiring the wrong person for a job can be a huge burden on any company, but especially on a small startup. Some small business owners let inappropriate behavior continue because they are afraid of potential litigation. An Arizona Labor Law attorney can assist with the employment laws that apply to your business. Knowing ahead of time what types of termination issues could lead to legal disputes for your company can save you time and money in the long run.

It doesn’t matter how small the company is; all businesses are required to follow certain employment laws at the state and federal level. Again, this is where a Labor and Employment attorney will be extremely helpful. A knowledgeable attorney knows the ins and outs of wage and hour laws, sexual harassment laws, discrimination laws, Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation issues, and more.

If you are an employer that wants to better understand the legal matters relevant to your company and tailor your policies to the needs of your business, a Labor Law attorney will help you pursue the most beneficial and efficient resolutions possible.


Legal issues can be very timely matters that require immediate attention – the faster you begin pursuing resolutions, the better your chances of obtaining them. Contact us for further information.

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