Motorcycle Club Steps Up to Protect Victims of Child Abuse

They look intimidating and tough with their tattoos, leather clothes, and motorcycles. And that is the point exactly.

The motorcycle club Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) has made it their mission to protect children who have been abused. The group works with law enforcement and state agencies to protect abused children. BACA’s goal is to help the children feel empowered and safe. Jacksonville-area BACA chapter president “Chops” says, “We’re not speakers for the children, and we’re not counselors. We’re more like rocks of emotion for them. And we let them know that, while we’re around, nobody’s going to mess with them.”

When an abused child still feels unsafe in his or her current environment, the group may is contacted by a law enforcement official or other referring agency. BACA then visits the family, bringing the child a BACA vest and patch to welcome the child into the motorcycle club as a new BACA member. BACA spokesperson “Hoss” says the group will “do whatever we have to do to make this family feel safe, and we will do whatever we have to do” to protect the child. BACA does not condone the use of violence or aggression, but they will not hesitate to protect a fellow BACA member from someone wishing to inflict harm.

One way BACA protects children is by providing a physical presence. The members make a big show of cruising around the child’s neighborhood, as well as standing guard in the driveway. BACA has stepped up to the challenge once again, this time to protect a girl that was allegedly molested by Johnell Carter, a man who recently escaped from authorities and is on the loose. The Silicon Valley chapter of BACA is providing 24/7 security at the girl’s home.

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